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Zero city mod apk (unlimited everything) is an epic game with millions of players worldwide. This game has different modes like PvP and PvE.
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Zero city mod apk (unlimited everything) is an epic game with millions of players worldwide. This game has different modes like PvP and PvE. In this game, you have to fight for your survival against zombies, increasing in numbers daily. In addition to playing this game online, you can play it with friends around the world. You will not be able to survive against zombies at the start, but as you level up your skills and abilities, you will become stronger.


Zero city tasks players with rebuilding society after an undead virus has caused most people around you to be turned into ravenous monsters intent on only ‘nibbling’ at first, then depending on you and devouring your flesh. You’ll need to survive, explore and scavenge for resources as you attempt to build a new city from the ashes of the old one, keeping track of your ever-dwindling supplies as you do so. This is go-alone or teams up with friends in coop mode to accomplish the main missions and help each other in need. You can download zero city mod for Android PC. In this version, you can get an unlimited crypto coins mod menu and unlimited everything.

The gameplay of zero city mod apk

Download Zero City MOD APK

ZERO CITY is a mix of Zombie Survival and Building Simulation. As a Survivor, you try to survive in the city which zombies have infested. You will have to find shelter and wait until the night so you can scavenge for supplies. The daytime is dangerous because of other survivors who could attack you or zombies who could find you.

The other players will be real people who were once citizens of the city and are now zombies. You can’t kill them because it’s not a shooting game, but you have to avoid them. You can look out for their supplies or location, and they are everywhere in the city! They infect every citizen who crosses their path. Even animals can get infected, so be careful!

You can try to kill them, but that would risk your life. It’s not worth it because scavenging is far more rewarding than killing zombies. You have to wait for the nighttime and go out when all zombies are sleeping deeply. In addition, the zombies will never eat each other. If you are wounded, you can wait for your health to recover or search for medical supplies in the city.

The game has two modes: Single-player and Multi-player, where both have different options according to what’s best for players.

In single-player mode, there are three play modes available: Day, Night, and Survival. The different day-night cycles determine what happens in that mode.

In multi-player mode, this option has ten different games where players can interact with each other. Players can choose their playstyle (like the single-player) but are careful about the possibilities because the game will start immediately.You can download also  Clash of clans mod apk with all premium features.

Features zero city mod apk latest version 2021

  • Construct and Manage The Refuge
  • Explore the City
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode (PvP)
  • Find weaknesses of an enemy
  • Find Good Weapons
  • Upgrade your moves
  • Customize your squad
  • Manage your survivors
  • unlimited crypto coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock all survivors

Construct and Manage The Refuge:

Construct and Manage The Refuge

It would be best if you collected stuff to make your Refuge safer. You can build barricades, traps, turrets, and other defense devices. Don’t forget to create beds, because you need rest or else bad things will happen!

Explore the City:

Remember that zombies are everywhere in this city; sometimes they walk far away but don’t worry, they will come to you sooner or later! You must explore the city and scavenge what you can find. Don’t forget to get overwhelmed by zombies because mistakes will cost your life!

Multiplayer Mode:

The game offers three multiplayer modes: Team Mode, Free for All, and Zombie Survival, where players can cooperate or kill them to survive!

In Team Mode, each team has a task to do, and it’s the first one who achieves this task that wins.
The Free For All mode is just like Team mode, but you are alone against all other players. Be the last one standing to win!

In Zombie Survival Mode, it’s about surviving as long as possible because there are a lot of zombies and only one winner: the last player or team standing.If you want enjoy same like other game then i will suggest you can try King of Avalon Mod Apk This is best game which i play.

Multiplayer Mode (PvP):

This mode is about killing other players quickly to be number 1. If you kill somebody, you will get his stuff, and if he kills you… well, you know what happens when a zombie kills another one! You can play this mode in Free For All Mode.

Find weaknesses of an enemy:

Find weaknesses of an enemy

You can see the items that other players are holding. You have to target them, and you can see what they hold. If you upgrade your eyes, you will be able to reveal their location.

Find Good Weapons:

It’s essential to find good weapons because even with the best defense, if your weapon sucks, it’s useless. You have to find a good weapon because it will do the work for you.

Upgrade your moves:

There are lots of upgrades available in Refuge. You can upgrade yourself and make yourself powerful or become even harder to beat your enemies.

Customize your squad:

customize your squad

You are the boss, and you have to choose your squad members, equip them with weapons and let them do their job. If they die in a mission, don’t worry because you can always buy another one.

Manage your survivors:

You can select survivors and equip them with good weapons and items. The other option is to send them on a mission to get experience or cash to spend it in the “Supplies” tab.
Each survivor has his personality, skills set, inventory limits, etc.… you have to manage them carefully because bad management will make your squad useless.

unlimited crypto coins:

The Refuge is a game that has its currency named “RFX.” You can obtain this currency by killing zombies or players in the PvP mode or finding RFX boxes scattered across the city; you also get to earn experience points (XP) and level up!

Unlimited Money:

Money is very useful in Refuge because you can use it to buy survivors, buildings for your base, weapons, etc.… In this mode, you have a lot of stuff available from the beginning to purchase helpful stuff to survive.Animal warfare mod apk is the best game where you get also unlimited everything.

Unlock all survivors:

survive against hordes of zombies

There are 3 types of survivors in Refuge. They have different skill levels and inventory limits. You can purchase them with RFX or Money, so you will have your squad ready to go!

Mod menu:

  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited cryptocoins
  • Zero city game cheats

Zero city mod apk Technical Information 

App NameZero City MOD APK B.V.
Latest Version1.28.0
Last Update1 day ago
Operation systemAndriod


Zero city mod apk download unlimited everything.

You can download this game below the link. click on the download button and install this game on your android devices.

How to install zero city mod apk unlimited cryptocoins

  • Go to the top section and click download
  • After clicking download, you need to wait for 5 to 6 sec for the link to appear.
  • Click on the link and download the file 
  • Before installing the app, uninstall the previous version
  • Then go to setting
  • Go to the security option
  • Click and enable the unknown source
  • Once complete this step go to the file manager and locate your apk file
  • Click on the apk file and install
  • After install open the app
  • Enjoy the mod version free

FAQs-Zero city mod apk (unlimited everything)

Q1. What is this game about?

A1. This game is based on the fight between Humans and Zombies in a city infested with zombies. You can either cooperate with other players or do a battle against them.

Q2. Why do I need to download an apk file for this game?

A2. Zero city is a mod version, and it needs to be downloaded as an apk file (the original version of this game needs to be installed from the play store).

Q3. If I download this, do I need to uninstall the original version?

A3. Yes, you have to uninstall the previous version before installing zero city apk.

Q4. How can I download this apk?

A4. You will be directed directly to the download page when you click on the Download button! To install the game, click on Download and follow the instructions.

Q5. Do I need to root my Android device to play this game?

A5. Zero city mod apk doesn’t require you to root your device to play it. However, if you have issues with the game (for example, it crashes or is very laggy), you might want to consider rooting your device and using a custom recovery!


If you are looking for a fantastic survival game with stunning 3D graphics, real-time PvP combat, and great customization options, then this is the game for you! Install Zero City on your Android device by clicking the Download button below. Click on the download button to visit the google play store or visit our website so you can find other awesome games like this.


What's new

- The Nightmare Circus event will start SOON.
- Some in-game bugs fixed
- Added a new storyline location, The Spaceport
- Free rewards in activity stores at: the Arena, the Railroad Station, and the Bunker
- Ability to change your nickname
- New orders for the Officer and an extra 100 levels!
- Ability to make the game’s music theme suit your taste


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