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World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk is a strategy-based game released by EasyTech. It's different from other games because you can play versus players online, making it more competitive.
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World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk is a strategy-based game released by EasyTech. It’s different from other games because you can play versus players online, making it more competitive. You can also upgrade your troops, unlock new commanders and buy special skills such as meteorites showers or call for air support to kill all enemies. After completing the campaign mode, you can play multi-player maps and compete against random players worldwide. Using the world conqueror 3 mod apk, you can acquire unlimited resources and unlock all levels.


Here we provide you APK file for World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk v1.2.42 (All Unlocked), so you can install it and enjoy real war with unlimited gold coins and money. This modded apk works on most Android devices. To learn how to install this apk, you can see our section below on this page. In world conqueror 3 mod, you can get unlimited money, resources, and medals or unlock all levels of free shopping or unlimited everything.

Gameplay world conqueror 3 mod apk unlimited resources

Gameplay world conqueror 3 mod apk

There are two game modes; Campaign and Multiplayer. The campaign is a single-player where you will play against the computer throughout the map until all enemies are killed or fall back to their main base. You can also choose different difficulty levels in the settings that suit you best. Missions get more complicated as players progress through them, but they’re not impossible for players who put some severe war effort.

A new game map will unlock as you complete campaign mode, and you can play multiplayer maps with players worldwide online. Multiplayer is fun because it gets players to think faster and strategically use their army to win the game.

You can choose between 1vs1 or 2vs2 mode so you can play with friends online. Winning matches earns you battle points, which enable you to upgrade your rank. You can also unlock new commanders like Adolf Hitler or Napoleon Bonaparte by playing multiplayer maps or completing campaign mode with 3 stars on each mission.You can download also Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk

world conqueror 3 mod apk unlimited everything Key Features

  • Unlock new commanders
  • Power-Ups
  • Unlock all the levels
  • Campaign Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Modern war mod
  • World War Mod
  • All level unlocked

Unlock new commanders:

Unlock new commanders

After you play the campaign mode, new commanders will be unlocked. Commanders are special units with unique skills that can make your troops stronger or help them do lots of damage. For example, Julius Caesar has ‘forlorn hope’ skill which makes him strong enough to survive even when his HP is much lower than other commanders.

Players can also change their commanders to make them stronger, but this will cost coins, another in-game currency. Players will earn coins automatically by completing missions or multiplayer matches. Coins are used for many things like unlocking new commanders, buying power-ups and skills. If you love to play games then i will suggest you to play Monster Legends Mod Apk this is very good game with amazing gameplay.


As you play the campaign mode, you will unlock some power-ups which can be used during battle. There are two types of power-ups; Tactical and Strategic. Strategic power-ups are permanent boosts that will help players in the war. For example, ’emergency aid’ will heal all wounded units. Tactical power-ups only work once, and they will disappear after use, like air strikes or call reinforcements.

Unlock all the levels:

You can unlock all levels of this game by just inputting your Google Play account into the game. You will get different resources on each level, so it is worth playing on higher difficulty mode.

Skills are critical in this game because they can help players to win battles easily. There are many skills like ‘medic’ – this skill can heal all wounded units – and ‘forlorn hope’ – this skill makes Julius caesar strong enough to survive even if his HP is low. You can upgrade skills by spending coins earned from the campaign mode.

Campaign Mode:

In campaign mode, you will fight against computer-controlled opponents until they fall back to their main base. You can choose different difficulty levels, and if you beat the level with 3 stars on each mission, the new map will be unlocked.

Multiplayer Mode:

Multiplayer Mode

The objective of this mode is to gain the most victories possible against players from around the world. This mode is enjoyable because it gets players thinking faster and strategically to win. You can choose between 1vs1 or 2vs2 game modes so you can enjoy this game with friends online.

Modern war mod:

During this mode, you’ll have to compete against other real-life players from around the world. If your level is much lower than another player’s level, CPU controlled enemies will help you to win battles easily.

World War Mod:

In World War mode, you will fight against real players from all over the world and try to defeat them by conquering their main base on the whole map. In this mode, every player has only one base, which means they can not recover health or buy reinforcements. So it’s essential to avoid losing over and over in this game mode.

No root require:

No root require so that you can play this game on your phone without any risk. This game is just a modded version of ‘World Conqueror 3’, a paid app available to download from the Google Play Store.

Unlimited medals:

Unlimited medals are the main reason why players want to root their phones and install modded apk files. Players earn medals by winning battles in campaign mode and multiplayer mode, but there is a limit of how many medals you can earn each day, which usually makes players upset. Unlimited medals will give players an infinite number of medals, which means they can get more vital commanders and get lots of coins quickly.

Unlimited money:

In this game, players earn coins, and it takes a long time to get enough coins if they don’t use the ‘unlimited money’ feature. Coins can be used for unlocking new commanders and power-ups, so players will need lots of coins to play this game effectively. If you want an unlimited number of coins so you can upgrade your troops easily, use the ‘unlimited money’ feature.

Free shopping:

Players can’t buy anything in this game without using real money, but if you want to play this game with all unlocked features, you should use the ‘free shopping’ feature. This feature will give players free coins every time they enter battle, which means players can easily upgrade their troops and gain new commanders. Below you can see the world conqueror 3 mods list.You can download Zero City MOD APK this is alsp amazing game.

world conqueror 3 mod apk technical information

App NameWorld conqueror 3 mod apk
Latest Version1.2.42
Last Update1 day ago
Operation systemAndriod


world conqueror 3 mod

  • unlimited money
  • unlimited medals
  • unlimited resources
  • unlimited everything
  • free shopping
  • extended map mod
  • unlock all generals
  • max level

How to play World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk:

How to play World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk

This game has a good interface, but it’s not perfect, and there are some issues in terms of controls. You can use on screen buttons or virtual joysticks to move wherever you like to increase battlefield control. Just press the menu button and tap on the unit you want to battle with to command troops. There is an option for players who do not like either of these two options; dual stick control. This option allows players to battle simply by touching the left and right sides of the screen, which is more accessible than using onscreen buttons or a virtual joystick.

World conqueror 3 cheats:

World conqueror 3 cheats are very popular these days because it takes much time to unlock all features, making this game more fun. This article will help you find the best world conqueror 3 cheats that can give you lots of coins, medals and free shopping.

world conqueror 3 hack apk:

World Conqueror 3 hack apk is the most popular tool among players these days. This tool can give you both coins and medals quickly, which means you can start this game with an advantage if you use the world conqueror 3 hack apk. Just download this tool on your Android phone or tablet and follow the instructions with this app to use it easily.

world conqueror 3 codes:

In this section, you can find working world conqueror 3 cheats which you can use to get free coins, medals and free shopping. Unlock all features of this game with just a few clicks using the cheats below.

world conqueror 3 tips:

Tips and tricks are essential if you want to play this game effectively. Below you can find some of the best world conqueror 3 tips that will help you to get more coins, medals and free shopping in this game.

increase your level:

It would help if you tried to increase your level as much as possible because it will take a lot of time to unlock new features, and you will need lots of coins during battles. Just play every struggle as soon as possible and try not to lose any because it can help you level up faster.

Here, I want to introduce you to the world conqueror 3 hacks that have been extremely popular lately: World Conqueror 3 Cheats No Survey! You can use this World Conqueror 3 Cheats No Survey to generate lots of coins, medals and free shopping for your game.

world conqueror 3 mods ios:

Just like android, world conqueror 3 mods is trendy for iOS users. If you are playing this game on your iPhone or iPad, you can use world conqueror 3 cheats ios to get lots of coins, medals, and free shopping in this game.

world conqueror 3 mod apk pc:

World Conqueror 3 mod apk is the best tool for PC users. You can use this app to get unlimited coins, world conqueror 3 unlimited medals pc, making this game much more accessible.

  • If you want to install your Android apps on your PC, you need to download and install an Android emulator. That is, use the same Android. Below we give a complete download and installation process. Please follow
  • Your first step is to download and install the Android emulator on your PC. Bluestack is one of the best android emulators you can use.
  • Go to Google search.
  • Type here to download blue stack
  • Click on the first link.
  • Open the window and download the blue stack latest version.
  • After downloading the blue stack, you need to install it on your PC
  • Once you have completed the installation process, you need to open your software and sign with your Google account.
  • After that, you can drag and drop your apk file here and install
  • Congrats, you are using the Android app on your PC.

How to install World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk on Andriod

  • Go to the top section and click download.
  • After clicking download, you need to wait for 5 to 6 sec for the link to appear.
  • Click on the link and download the file.
  • Before installing the app, uninstall the previous version
  • Then go to setting
  • Go to the security option.
  • Click and enable the unknown source.
  • Once complete this step go to the file manager and locate your apk file.
  • Click on the apk file and install
  • After install open the app.
  • Enjoy the mod version free.

FAQs- world conqueror 3 mod apk unlocked everything

Is this game available for Android devices?

Yes, World Conqueror 3 is available on Google Play Store. You can download it using the link above. Or you can use the World Conqueror 3 APK file to install this game on your Android device, which you can download here: World Conqueror 3 MOD APK (latest version).

Is the World Conqueror 3 Hack No Survey free?

Yes, it is entirely free to use cheats for this game. You don’t need any survey or password to use the hack. It is straightforward to use, and you can quickly generate coins, medals, and shopping points using our World Conqueror 3 Cheat online.

Is there any World Conqueror 3 Hack Android available?

Yes, the World Conqueror 3 Cheat No Survey is available on Android APK. The latest version of World Conqueror 3 MOD APK can be downloaded here.

Can I use these cheats for PC?

No, you cannot use the WorldConqueror3 cheats for PC. But you can use an Android emulator on your PC to play World Conqueror 3 android game on your PC.

How to hack world conqueror 3 using Cydia?

No, there is no hack available for using it in Cydia or other sources related to Android or iOS. You need to use our World Conqueror 3 Cheats No Survey to generate coins, medals and shopping points. And you can apply the coins, medals and shopping point codes in this game that you get from our website.

Do I need a jailbreak or root?

No, there is no need for jailbreak. Without jailbreak and rooting, you can use our World Conqueror 3 Cheat No Survey to generate coins, medals and shopping points.

How to download World conqueror 3 mods?

Suppose you want to download this game. Then don’t worry, it’s straightforward. You need to follow some steps to download. First, go to the download button and click here. After clicking, you can see the timer when the timer is complete. You can see the download button. When the download button appears, click here and download now.


Using the World Conqueror 3 cheats, I hope you can download and install the game. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I will be happy to assist! I appreciate you taking the time to read the article. We hope you find this valuable, so please share it with your friends on social media.If you want try more games then i will suggest you Clash of clans mod apk This is really amazing game i like to play that.



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