Castle Crush Mod APK v5.0.2 2022 (Unlimited gems, money)


Download Castle Crush Mod APK Unlimited coins and gems/money - Latest Version Free for Android to duel players from different parts of the world. Play this unique strategy game.
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Castle crush mod apk is a new intuitive and easy to play castle battle game. It’s a free strategy game of epic kingdom war of castles and dragons evolved in an adventurous fantasy world. You will be the lord of your castle and the king of kings of your empire, and you will also rule over every single kingdom that belongs to this epic battle game.

You will also live the life of a king, and you will be part of this story that includes forest kingdom, goblin empire, wolf packs and brave human kingdoms standing up to all these dangers to protect their land from any attack. They should keep their armies prepared to fight with an enemy.

You can build an empire of mighty castles and lead your kingdom to glory. You will play with several different units, heroes with unique abilities and face epic battles vs hundreds of enemy armies to survive in this adventure-filled epic battle game.


You can also enjoy the beauty of this strategy war game filled with amazing graphics that you have never seen before. It would help if you built your empire, and you will be the owner of it along with all its lands, people and other exciting things over here. It’s time to show off your existing skills in tactics warfare games against other players playing this game simultaneously.

Castle crush mod apk gameplay

In this strategy battle game, you will join several kingdoms that already exist and fight for their land to protect it from enemy attacks. It includes different battles like castle sieges, kingdom wars, a real-time multiplayer mode where you can play with friends, and many more exciting things. Your role will be the lord and owner of your kingdom, and you will build a castle or a fortress to protect them from enemies. You can gather resources, use different magical spells with unique abilities, and defend your empire in epic wars against enemy attacks.

App Name castle crush mod apk
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Size 111MB
Latest Version 5.0.2
Last Update 2 days ago
Category Strategy
Operation system Android
Price Free
Rating 4.7
Installs 500000

Castle crush mod apk Features

  • Fight the cards
  • Real time multiplayer mode
  • Castle design
  • Cartoon style 2D graphics
  • Epic Magical Battles
  • Castle crush all cards
  • Battle Sections
  • Castle crush characters
  • Castle crush cheats
  • Unlocked everything

Fight the cards:

Fight the cards

A lot of cards are there in this game that you can use to strengthen your army. These cards include equipment, spells, heroes, monsters and many more things which will boost your army and give them the ability to fight against enemy’s armies. You can’t ignore these cards, and you will have to make good use of them to defeat enemy castles and win the battle.or you can also try Boom Beach mod apk is a strategy-based game in which you have to conquer islands with your army by destroying the war machines of your enemies.

Real-time multiplayer mode:

Real-time multiplayer mode

In this mode, you will play with opponents who are real players and not just against AI opponents. You can use a chat feature that is built-in in the game to communicate with your opponents and talk about different things. You can also share your resources, gold and other useful stuff to progress quickly.

Castle design:

Design your castle and make it look like a natural fortress. You should build walls to protect your empire and use spells like teleport, meteor shower, and others to defend yourself from enemy attacks. You can also increase the production of resources by upgrading farm buildings, giving you an extra advantage over other players.

Cartoon style 2D graphics:

Cartoon style 2D graphics

In this strategy war game, everything is designed in a cartoon style which looks very beautiful and unique. You will enjoy the beauty of these graphics, and you should make full use of them to fight against your enemies and defend your empire from enemy attacks.

Epic Magical Battles!:

Epic Magical Battles

This is a multiplayer battle game with epic magical battles which you have never seen before. You will enjoy fighting against other players, and it’s going to be fun for you because, at the same time, you can chat with others using the built-in chat feature.

castle crush all cards:

You can see a list of cards in the game and collect them to build your unique empire. These cards include walls, archers, heroes, buildings, and much more that you will love to use when fighting against enemy armies. You can also take help from other players to get these cards at your disposal very quickly.

Battle Sections:

You can play battles in different sections, which are explained below.

 Castle Hero Wars: In this section, you will be able to fight against real-time players playing in multiplayer mode. You will have to use your strategies to defeat them and defend yourself from enemy attacks.
Kingdom war: In this mode, you fight against other kingdoms to gain more land and expand your territory.
FFA wars: You can also play the free for all mode where you play against players from different alliances no one controls. Just choose several heroes, and they will be fighting for you in this section.

castle crush characters:

castle crush characters

You will come across several characters in this game, and they all have unique characteristics. You can find below some information about these characters.

Mages: Mages can cast powerful spells over their enemies and deal a significant amount of damage using their magical powers. They also create a protective shield around themselves to survive for a longer time in the battle.

Wizards: Wizards are very good at fighting against the enemy’s armies, and you should use them as support characters to defeat your enemies. They have high magical powers, making it easy for them to kill several soldiers during a single attack on the enemy’s territory.

Dwarf Soldiers: Many dwarf soldiers on the battleground are very good at defending their territory. They can create a protective shield around themselves using their unique abilities and make it hard for the enemy’s armies to penetrate through them.

Berserks: Berserks have nothing to do with magic, but their physical attacks are powerful and deadly. They do not need any weapons to fight against enemy’s armies, and using their bare hands; they can kill their enemies very quickly.

Dragons: Dragons are the most vital type of soldier available for your army, and you should always try to bring them to the battleground. They have fire-based attacks that take down several soldiers during a single attack, and you should take them with you to deal maximum damage during the battle.

Castle crush cheats:

You can use the castle crush hack and cheat tool if you want to get free resources and gold so that you don’t have to spend your real money on buying things which makes it easy for you to advance in this game.


Castle crush mod Features:

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlocked everything
  • Mod menu
  • All cards unlocked

Download castle crush mod apk 2021 (Unlimited gems )

You can download the latest version of this fantastic strategy war game from here. This is an excellent modded version of this game that includes unlimited money and an unlocked premium currency. With the help of this mod, you will have access to every kind of resource present in the original game, and you can enjoy it as much as you want. Unlimited money means a lot because there is a huge advantage that you will get by having enough resources to defeat your enemies. Castle crush mod apk is easy to download and install on your smartphone, and it doesn’t require a rooted device as well.

How to install castle crush mod apk all cards unlocked

  • Go to the top section and click download
  • After clicking download you need to wait for 5 to 6 sec for the link to appear.
  • Click on the link and download the file
  • Before installing the app uninstall the previous version
  • Then go to setting
  • Go to the security option
  • Click and enable the unknown source
  • Once complete this step go to the file manager and locate your apk file
  • Click on the apk file and install
  • After install open the app
  • Enjoy the mod version free

Castle crush mod apk unlocked everything-FAQs

How to download castle crush mod apk?

The process of downloading this MOD APK is straightforward. You must first click on the download link and then wait until it is completely downloaded to download a file. Once it’s done, open the file and then install it like a regular apk on your device. Nothing will be different except that you will have unlimited gems and gold in your account.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use because reliable sources host this MOD APK. We have tested the file on our device, and it is working perfectly without any problem, which means you can download it with complete confidence that you will get what was promised.

Can we play this game offline?

The game can only be played online if you have an internet connection. Without the internet, this game is incomplete because daily quests and events get unlocked when connected to the server. You can still play the offline mode for up to 1 hour, which means after completing your 1-hour quota of gameplay, you will get logged out of the game.

Is this MOD APK is rooted?

No, it is not rooted, and you can download it on any device that can support this game. You don’t need to root your device to play this game because it is 100% safe and secure, so there is no need for you to root your phone or tablet to get the advantage of castle crush mod apk.

Castle crush review

This is a perfect game for all the people looking to play some casual strategy games because this one is addictive. Once you start playing, you will surely get addicted to it. This MOD APK includes unlimited gems and gold to upgrade your cards and win the battles quickly easily. The game also has excellent graphics, which makes it even better to play.

If you are interested in downloading castle crush APK, all you need is to click on the download option, and your file will get downloaded. After that, open this file and install it like any other app. There won’t be any problem in installation, and you will get all the resources to play as much as you want.

The game is perfect, and I’m sure that you will enjoy playing this fantastic strategy war game with many great features. This MOD APK is completely free so, try it out right now without overthinking about it because once you start playing, you don’t want to stop.


Castle crush mod apk is straightforward to download and install. Downloading it is easy by clicking the download button, and this is the most convenient way to obtain this MOD APK. This is an online strategy game with some of the best graphics you will find. I recommend it to anyone who likes to play strategy games.

How do you like this MOD APK?

Please tell us what you think below. Has it worked on your device or not? If you have trouble downloading the file, please let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible and try to solve whatever problem you are facing while installing this MOD APK
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