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CamScanner Mod APK is a handy application that gives you sharp, clear documents and helps you scan data quickly and conveniently encrypt data.
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Camscanner Premium Mod APK is one of the main applications of documents provided by Intig Information. Here you can download and experience the complete function of this application without paying an additional rate.

CamScanner Pro APK v6.22.0(MOD, Premium Subscription)

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives as smartphones and tablets become smarter over the years. Going beyond being an instrument to call and send SMS, it has transcended its purpose. Programs have been developed to help people carry out their activities efficiently and increase productivity. Such is the case in the mobile scanning application, Camscanner.

CamScanner Pro APK v6.22.0(MOD, Premium Subscription)

Almost everything is digital now. The requirements for school or work will inevitably promote it to send online documents, especially with the new normality of the world. In addition, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a scanner with you. Camscanner is its unique scan and document management application. Released by Intsig Information Co., Ltd., has increased as one of the main productivity applications in Android.

Some Latest and Trending Function

Quality after scanning

The second aspect is quality. Camscanner stands out from other applications of this kind. Text and images are converted very sharply with high resolution. It will be difficult to find smaller mistakes like redundant incentive emails. You can use and read user reviews on Google Play.

Ability to share

After scanning and converting, you can pass on the output to popular social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter or send them via SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, or line. If your friends and colleagues have no internet, you can also share them via Bluetooth connection. It’s comfortable, right?

Edit the text automatically

After scanning paper documents, the application also automates processing steps for you. Camscanner helps increase or reduce the brightness of the text accordingly. At the same time, it also helps you cut the edges quickly and adapt the angle of the text. In addition, users can also use the colors available for their text.

CamScanner mod apk-protectshare

Their documents become clearer and leave a deep impression on the spectator. Users can have photos of documents with an extremely high resolution. In addition, you can also add additional annotations and characters to mark your documents. Therefore, the important information is clearly marked, which makes it easier for readers to register the content.

CamScanner Premium APK Features

Camscanner offers 3 types of plans such as base, bonus, and business. The basic plan is completely free, but only has limited functions. The Camscanner Premium Plan costs 49.99 US dollars a year and offers many premium functions and basic functions. At the same time, the cam scanner business plan costs 69.99 US dollars and has all functions of basic and premiums as well as many functions of the business plan. All of these plans can be found free of charge in Camscanner Premium APK.


Unlocked Premium

You will be able to use all the features given in Camscanner Premium in this Mod version for free. By the way, the main reason for all people to download this app is that they can use all Paid features for free.

CamScanner mod apk properties

Camscanner- Apk for android Download

Digitize the document: Use the camera of your phone to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents such as receipts, notes, invoices, presentation cards, slate discussions, certificates, etc.

Optimize the scan quality: Smart cuts and automatic improvement make sure that texts or graphics in scanned documents with premium resolutions are clear.

Extract image texts: OCR (recognition of optical characters) The function recognizes the texts in documents of documents and removes them from the images for the next search, edition, or exchange. (BONUS)

Share PDF/JPEG files: Simply share documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends according to social networks, and send an e-mail download.

Airprint & Fax documents: Print a document in camscanner directly with a nearby printer through Airprint. Choose document and fax in more than 30 countries of the application.

Extended documents: Take notes in documents with a complete sentence of machining tools. Assigned water traces can also be accessed to mark your documents.

Quick search: If you have a lot of documents, you can use labels to characterize them quickly and find them quickly. OCR also helps him find texts in pictures and notes. Simply enter 1 keyword, and you can find the desired document immediately.

Make important documents secure: If you want to protect the confidential content, you can set an access code to display relevant documents. By sending the document download link, you can also set a password to protect others from seeing it.

Synchronization between platforms: Register to synchronize documents in the current flies. Simply register with a telephone, tablet, or computer ( and you can see, edit, share, and share.

Key features

  • It helps to scan documents quickly, save time and effort, and process paper documents more quickly to increase the efficiency of your work.
  • Correct automatically, cut the excessive corners of the text images that it has scanned, as well as increase the brightness of those photos to make them clearer and clear.
  • Freedom to store images with high resolution and different formats, and you can also share data with your friends and colleagues through different channels.
  • Store information with different headers or attach special characters to important documents so that they are easier to find and use.
  • Make sure your important documents allow you to establish login passwords and access to that information.
  • The interface is ordered minimalist, but highly sophisticated with reasonable arrangements and harmonious colors that have given users a great experience.

CamScanner mod apk [Paid Unlocked Pro] Download Now

CamScanner Pro FAQs

How do I transfer the files with Camscanner?

It is quite easy to transmit files with Camscanner. Open Camscanner Premium to share or transfer your file to another device. Click the gearbox button.

Is Camscanner a Chinese application?

Yes, Camscanner is a Chinese application that was published in 2011. It is popular worldwide, but this application cannot be used in India.

Camscanner is now safe in 2020?

No, Camscanner is not sure at all. This application contains malware and user users. So use this application at your own risk.


In this article, we provide you to download Camscanner Premium APK on your Android phone. It is now very easy for scanning, share and download all documents on your phone after making it PDF. Do you have any questions or suggestions about this publication? Use the comment field to send us your thoughts.





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